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“There’s a thinking that joins things up, and a thinking

that joins with things” – Tim Ingold

The Soul Shed brings you a unique offering that weaves together strands of thoughts and wisdom traditions with the sole aim of offering creative practices and offerings  to re-source those of us who want to continue to remain fully human in these difficult times.

By subscribing here you will receive inspiration that is synthesised from diverse sources compatible with this aim, and invitations to creative community events, workshops and courses. This will come direct to your inbox. This is not a hyper-active site, that will bombard you. Looking after your central nervous system is part of the package. Expect five or six emails per month tops!

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Our community is a beautiful one  comprised of curious, sensitive and hearty humans who love their innate creativity as a way of learning about themselves and about life. If this sounds like you, then I hope you will have a good look around.

This Creative Space is for you if:

  • You know or deeply suspect that trusting your intuitive capacity leads you to good things.

  • You trust in a whole person approach to life: heart mind and body.

  • You’d love to explore your multiple intelligences through your creativity.

  • You can feel fragmented by your sensitivity at times and seek resourcing restorative tools

  • You’d love to explore the imagery that draws you to it

  • You’d love to deepen your sense of belonging to place and to nature.

Take a look at whats going on this month.

More about Intuitive Collaging


More about Deep-Mapping in your square mile

Samantha Taroni opened The Soul Shed in 2019 to offer SoulCollage and Deep-Mapping, and to

continue to research and share her interests and experiences in Ecology, Spirituality, Healing and Growing through intuitive Creativity, Breath Work and yoga, nature traditions, Enneagram Wisdom teachings and Trauma Informed Practice. She has academic achievement, accredited training and life experience and study in all of these areas, and they synthesise in each of her offerings.


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