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SoulCollage® is a gentle and fun creative adventure in allowing imagery to speak to you and offer you its meanings and wisdom.  You need no prior experience apart from in being you.  Each collage you create will help you to get you to know yourself and your life force energy better.  Over time you are likely to meet all kinds of inspiration in the cards you make: you may meet parts of your own personality, people in your community, inspirational archetypal energies and spirit animals.

Occasionally you may make a card that is bigger than any of this...offering a sense of the whole universe.

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Here is a short  film clip about SoulCollage®


I've been using SoulCollage®  for a decade, to  help me connect with my lifeforce in many new ways.  In 2016 I trained as a SoulCollage® facilitator.

For current SoulCollage® offerings at The Soul Shed  click here

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A carousel created from the SoulCollage® cards from my deck.

Here are some things people have said about a SoulCollage® session at The Soul Shed


"I loved this workshop, from start to finish it made my heart sing.  It was a feast for the soul with words and images that were crafted into something rich and deep for me" -J.E


"What stood out for me was how it just happened (the process of the SoulCollage and Found Poetry) thing alchemised into another thing” - L.B


"I'd describe it as a good way to reconnect with your creative side, relax and maybe gain insight into what is happening inside you" - D.F.

For more testimonials, link here.


Here's a  conversation about SoulCollage® and creativity between myself and SoulCollage® trainer Linda Woolfson.

If you are getting an inner "Yes" to this I very much hope to share SoulCollage® with you soon!

Upcoming events and One-to-One sessions


Walking with Archetypes

Spending time with an archetype can be a powerful way to learn about its energetic patterning. two blog posts for you if this is a part of SoulCollage ® that is calling to you.

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