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"If you are feeling fragmented and weary, this is a

re-sourcing place to come to join the dots between your felt sense, your creative  imagination, and the world around you".

Take it to the TREES

Deep-Mapping in your Square Mile

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Walking with Image and Archetype

The Soul Shed hosts an international  community of people who have inklings that their intuitive imagination is a portal to well-being, play, inner growth and healing. Join in via current offerings  online and in place, and in groups or one to one. Read Blog posts, or visit our youtube channel to explore deeper.

Samantha Taroni is a trauma-informed creative facilitator, with an arts and teaching background,  sharing from a deep well of wisdom  including  SoulCollage®, Deep-Mapping, Embodied  Breathwork, Archetypal Psychology and Enneagram Teachings

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