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Deep-Mapping in your Square Mile

'Being in correspondence with the landscape and other organisms around us, every time we do it, is an act of self-restoration re-sourced by a deepening appreciation of life interconnecting'.

From my article in Thresholds journal 'Deep-Mapping. A Healing Tool'.

This article first appeared in the January 2024 issue of Thresholds, published by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.


Photo by community member Jan Yardley. To hear an interview with her about forest photography as a spiritual practice click here

Heres a blog post about Deep-Mapping in your square mile...


'Theres a thinking that joins things up, and a thinking that joins with things...

Tim Ingold, Correspondences.

Deep-mapping your life with trees.


I would like to encourage you to take a walk with trees that could be life-changing.​


You might have found your way here because you are feeling a little over-whelmed, over-stretched, or that too much is in your head for comfort.  Maybe you sense that there is more to your deeper life than your day to day routine has been allowing for.  Or perhaps world events or a personal crisis  has led you to re-evaluate what is important to you.  Perhaps slowing down your life and finding deeper grounding suddenly seems like something your soul is thirsting for.


The resources you have within you take care and attention to uncover, but can offer you a deep orientation in times of stress.


This clip will orient you to beginning a deeper corresponence with the Trees in your square mile.  From here you may like to buy the book on Amazon, or book a deep-mapping session with me online.

To receive a free chapter of the eBook, please sign up here.

My Book ‘Take it to the TREES’ introduces you to a process of discovering your deep map, using your curiosity and connection with nature to spark your imagination, intuition and experiential knowledge.  Quite different from a self-help book, or a coach, or even a wise friend offering you advice.  This inner resourcing will be undeniably and solidly your own.

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