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Here are some testimonials from people that have attended Soul Shed events and courses, online and in place.

Discovering SoulCollage® and Found poetry - In Place Event

"I really enjoyed spending time with lovely women, creating and playing, and getting in touch with my authentic self. Sam created a really welcoming safe space."

"It was so surprisingly meaningful and creative. What stood out for me was how connected I felt to the cards I produced."

"What stood out for me was the stillness and meditative quality of cutting out words and making my collages"

"It was a balance of creativity and grounding

"The cards and poem we made really resonated and will stay with me."

This is where we placed our cards to grow teminos - a sense of sacred space.

A pack of blank cards and starter pack of images can be included and sent to your home adress...

SoulCollage® Online with a Friend

“Thank you for this wonderful experience. It was so lovely to attend with my bestie, and you created such a safe soulful space for us to tap into our creative potential. The answers I received from my pics surprised me so much! They were straight from source and very encouraging. I felt reassured and soothed at the same time. It was so great to experience this process in action. I work with pictures every day (digitally) and I think I have become despondent to their power and meaning. This workshop has reignited my wonder at how much we can engage with our worlds - both inner and outer through this precious medium”


“It's an absolute must! :) Sam is an intuitive facilitator and guides one effortlessly into self discovery with pictures. It was so much fun! I experienced SoulCollage as the exploration of my potentials for 2022 through pictures and a new and truly authentic way. I have learned a few things about myself and the way I interact with the world that made me smile. Thank you Sam!”

Deep-Mapping Online Course over six weeks

"It was a gentle way to help me figure out my feelings. What stood out for me was how loudly imagery can speak when you dont feel able to express the right words to sum up how you are feeling".

"I didn't actually think I would get from this what I did. Just finding out about my square mile, myself, and opening up creatively was fantastic. Realising that i usually dont really look when im walking, hit me too".

The course has reminded me  to slow down and be more mindful and creative. It has also brought me some level of peace with my local area which has allowed me to move forward".

Online community Event: The WaterBearer


"I have just completed a thoroughly enjoyable, informative and carefully curated Soulcollage®️ evening with Sam on the water carrier archetype.  Sam has a delightful way with words that is uplifting and inspiring, she also has a knack of making you feel at home as a valued member of the group.   The water carrier card that I have made truly speaks to me and I feel an even deeper appreciation and bond with water now.  I look forward to delving deeper into SoulCollage®️ with Sam in the future".

"I have been lucky enough to have taken part in a few of Samantha’s online and in person workshops.

She has a great knowledge of the content she offers, while at the same time gently holding space for personal exploration.  She has the gift of combining SoulCollage®️ with other interests, creating a wonderful combination to anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge of themselves and the world around them".


Madeleine Baer


Counselling Psychologist

SoulCollage®️ Facilitator

All SoulCollage® cards on this page featured with the artists permission.

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