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Autumn - Walking with trees in the Fall


SoulCollage® Card:Fallen Leaf


When you are out walking,  notice the season beginning to shift and the colours of the deciduous trees you have seen budding  and opening , greening, flowering, and fruiting, beginning to  change again.  These trees will gradually begin to let go of their leaves. The SoulCollage® card above is of a single fallen leaf lying on tarmac last year from a Virginia creeper growing close to where I live. It's bright red colour pulled at me and I wanted to celebrate it.  It's question to me today as i write - 'Is there a single thing that you need to let go of today?' The answer is 'yes', although I know its a big thing! I need to let go of needing to understand everything, when there is so much mystery around me pointing to richer more embodied truth. Does this fallen leaf have a question for you? Why not ask it?


In the Take it to the Trees book Community, we are entering into a month exploring Ash. The Norse Tree of Life was an Ash, and it was from this tree that  Odin hung upside-down and gained knowledge of the runes. The question I have been asking  at Ash is 'How can you help me to draw within and gain higher perspective?'  Here's a link to the book, which is also available in other countries on Amazon. Inside is a link to our community journeying group on Facebook.


Here  community member Andy Rice talks about the inspiration  he has found in dawn walking in his own square mile, and how it resources him when he goes on work trips via beautiful parts of Northern Ireland.



Link to a  blog post about the power to be found in deep-mapping in your own  square mile . it begins with  Mary Oliver's beautiful poem, Wild Geese, and the yearning  incantation in her offering to us to to  'Let the soft animal of your body love what it loves'.





Deepen your own creative  journey: There's still time to join  our forth-coming course - Deep-mapping your Instincts where you allow your square mile of location to become your teacher.

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