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Deep-Map your instincts

'A journey of embodied awakening'.

Sundays at 3pm-5pm BST

September 4th and 18th

October 2nd and 16th

(check your local time zone here - this course is designed to be friendly internationally)


Are you nourished and sustained by a deep sense of belonging? 

This course experience is designed to encourage you to see

 the place where you live with new eyes in order to

 find a new sense of rootedness and meaning in place.

This Course Will:

Support you in coming to better know your intuitibve self and its capacity to lead you to your own Soul Medicine.

Encourage you to explore the instinctual parts of your being and your energy centres.

Get you out walking in your personal square mile of location with curiosity, and finding its places of meaning and resource for you.

Offer you openings into new possibilities within you through the imagery of your Deep Map.

Help you envision and find your renewed, refreshed resourced personhood in place.

You'll need a phone with a camera a journal and a willingness to explore between the online calls.

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