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Meet your imaginative Spark....

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Back in 2017 I trained in a fun and gentle creative process that connects people to their inner wisdom. Its a great thing to be able to say out loud, and a great thing to be able to offer to you!

Its called SoulCollage® and I'd like to give you a little glimpse of it today.

I've put together a gallery of seasonal symbols - images that carry lots of deep shared meanings for us - and my hunch is that you will be able to use these symbols as another way of staying in touch with your own well-being this festive season, which, lets face it, can be a challenging one for all kinds of reasons.

If your curiosity is piqued and you have ten minutes of quiet time to yourself, I invite you to try the following steps. For meaningful results, take some time to be comfortable and settle breathing before you begin, and give each step your quality attention. You might like to have a journal and pen ready too.

  1. Let your eyes move as they want to over all the symbols, one by one, letting your gaze fall on each one for a few moments, and notice what happens inside you. Some might leave you neutral, while others might give you an emotional response, or a gut reaction, or an imaginitive spark or memory....just stay with noticing this until you settle on one image that you feel offers you the most connection today: go to where the spark of meaning is for you.

  2. So...what does your image offer you? What is it that you know of this image, in your heart, or gut, or imagination? Are there a few words that sum it up? A quality? A feeling? A memory? If you have a journal, make notes about it. It might take you on a surprising inner journey. Trust this wandering and your curiosity.

  3. And now - here's a truly special part - Consider this next question with reverence: If this symbol had a message for you today about your well-being, and you allowed it to talk to you, what would it say? See if you can speak in the first person, as if its voice is talking to you. It might be general or very specific...Just see what comes...Be playful... and then record these words - the words of your chosen image as revealed to your imagination!

What you have just done is followed a creative spark and used your imagination to see where it takes you. The results can be surprising, fun, and sometimes unexpectedly powerful! I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the inner doorway that is the SoulCollage® and I hope what the symbol and your imagination said will guide you well through your experience of the festive season.

On Saturday 8th January I will be offering an online SoulCollage® workshop that further follows these creative sparks that come when you follow your felt sense and imagination. Like picking your favourite flower in a garden or cake in a bakers shop, I will encourage you to follow your sparks and your hunches. Early in the New Year will be a wonderful time to wake up the imagination to what life is wanting you to uncover inside you. The awareness that this brings can be life-changing, and help you get to know hidden parts of you that have wisdom to share.

And if you are getting the 'YES!' - to share in an experience of SoulCollage® , and get a complementary starter pack of images delivered to you, please click the button.

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