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"Lord what fools these mortals be!"

This is the opinion of humans of Puck, the mischievious Sprite in Shakespeare's magical play, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Worlds collide and all kinds of unexpected things happen when the characters in the play get lost in the woods and are given love potions. Puck presides over the chaos, and of course it all turns out perfectly in the end, but along the way, characters do things they never thought they would!

SoulCollage® is a bit like this! You are presented with an abundant array of imagery, (the forest) and invited to follow your desire, (your inner Puck) to choose where it leads you! From there you will rearrange imagery just the way you would like it, and learn what it can show you.... often uncovering new or forgotten things about yourself.

You might discover unexpected energy, or a quality that has lain might have an insight into a situation, or an intuitive hunch about a pathway to take...a flash of inspration even.All these things and more can happen in a SoulCollage® session where you allow your felt senses to be your guide and see where they take you. As your facilitator my job is to simply create the conditions for some fun and gentle inner adventuring.

Here is another character in the play - Titania, Queen of the Fairies. Under a magic potion she falls in love with Bottom, a weaver turned actor who has wandered into the forest with an Asses head on while he was rehearsing a play.....Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with? Heres the chance to revist with tenderness the part of you that did!

This Midsummer, The Soul Shed is offering two opportunities to delve into the rich worlds and imagery of A Midsummer Nights Dream so you can visit your own inner worlds, and have an adventure in a friendly and spacious creative community.

On Saturday 18th June we will have a Zoom online gathering from 6-9pm BST for SoulCollagers worldwide who would like to gather and share in the fun. I will send you a pack of themed imagery by email in advance to add to your own, and a suggestion for a YouTube version of the play to watch in advance to seed your imagination.... Here is the link to the landing page for this event. Bookings will be open until end of Wednesday 15th June

Then for more local creatives, including those of you who haven't tried SoulCollage before, there will be an in place event, in the Culver Suite in Farnham Library, Surrey, England on Saturday 25th June. This event will includes all materials and a light lunch. Here is the link for this one Bookings for this close on Wednesday 22nd June.

I hope something in this might be calling to you....and that you might come and join in our Soul Shed Midsummer festivities. As always - I look forward to creating with you soon!

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