Hello and Welcome

You might have discovered this place because you are feeling a little over-whelmed, over-stretched or, too much is in your head for comfort.

Or, maybe you sense that there is more to your deeper life than your day to day routine has been allowing for, and perhaps your experience of the Covid pandemic has led you to re-evaluate what is important to you.


Or perhaps you can just feel yourself changing and you’re needing to be in good company while you figure out where you’re headed.  In any case, I’m wanting to give you a very warm welcome here today.


My reason for being here is that I want to share with you creative tools and practices that have re-sourced me and others through these kinds of challenges.


Id like to help you join the dots between your intuitive creativity, and your instinctual belonging to wildlife, and to place wherever you might be.  I’m hoping there might be something here that is just right for what you today - please take your time to explore our offerings.