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Your Soul Shed Seasonal Booster Pack...

Moments of letting in the Love:

Things can get a little bit unhinged at this time of year. I have to make a conscious effort to live at the kind of pace I know I need to. From here, it looks very different. From here there Here are many things I realise I love about this time of year….

Gratuitous use of candles, ferny frost patterns on windows, hot chocolate, sentimental historic Christmas decs, winter morning light, frozen puddles, crunched frozen puddles, tree silhouettes, breathing air that nips my nose, 'The fairytale of New York' christmas song, advent calendar chocolate breakfast, dressing up warm, going inward, coming home to a lit open fire, making soup, being warm on sofa under a blanket....

What do you love?

The Holly and The Ivy

As part of the Soul shed seasonal self-care gathering recently we explored imagery and listened to our connection with Holly and Ivy as archetypally patterned presence with wisdom to share. I was so moved to hear the witness of those who were there. Here’s some snippets:

Holly: "I’m a survivor, even in harsh conditions. I’m stoic, clear-sighted. I can protect myself, yet only when I need to. My higher leaves are smooth and unprickly. I know and offer my fruits. It’s important to me to be handled with care. I’m not interested in changing my colours- here I am".

Ivy: "I’m adaptable, and I problem-solve, I’m not afraid to reach out and ask for help from others. I can grow anywhere, I’m unassuming. I approach life with ease and flexibility. With humility".

Two inspiring versions of doing life.

Just for today - is one feeling more like you? Would you like a bit of Holly or Ivy energy? and if you imagine into these archetypal energies, what words do you hear from their witness?

Early Christmas Present!

As a Christmas gift I would love to offer you a free chapter from my book about Holly. If you are someone who benefits from spending time close to trees, and imagining them into deeper presence in your life, then this could really help resource you this winter. Heres your link to a download of this chapter:

If you already have the book, and have been exploring your square mile for a while now, or are getting the inner yes to diving into this practice, Id love to welcome you on this course starting in January:

The Ideal Wintery Re-soursing Course:

Three trees to see you through Winter.

Heres some more about it:

Your imagination and life force are connected.

In this three part series of interactive intuitive creativity sessions beginning in January we will explore the archetypal energy of three trees, as a re-source to support and nourish you this winter. and also explore that energy in your personal square mile, wherever that might be.

For subscribers at The Soul Shed here this course is offered at a discount of 20%, if you (or someone who would like to buy you it for a seasonal gift!) purchase it before Christmas, meaning that you can go into the New Year with three friendly interactive gatherings in creative community to look forward to! Put in the code: ThreeTrees20

The trees we will meet are all intimately connected with your life force energy and especially your instinctual knowing. The protective spirit of the Oak, the sanctuary space of the Evergreen forest, and the empowering clarity of the Holly will all be available to re-source you through the regenerative season of Winter, where we can hunker down and go within together to uncover the ways that these trees can connect deeply with us on an archetypal level.

Exploring your own square mile you will be invited to find the trees and the places and even the people and other creatures that speak to you from these deep archetypal places.

This course includes a free download of three chapters of ‘Take it to the Trees’ .

We will explore the energetic templates of these trees via embodied photography, gentle breathwork practices, and intuitive collaging. This creative journey will be a two-way street: We will witness the trees, and we will allow the trees to witness us.

A hearty Musical Discovery:

One more thing, I hope to leave you fully boosted with festive lastly for this post, here'sa link to Andrew Peterson's beautiful version of the Holly and the Ivy:

Big seasonal Love to you from The Soul Shed.

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