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To celebrate 'Take it to the Trees' Second birthday....

.....I am excited to have just come off a call to my friend Leighah Beadle-Darcy for her podcast. Leighah is the founder of an inspiring organisation for personal growth and development -Physis – and I had the opportunity to talk about my book, 'Take it to the Trees', which is just reaching its second birthday. I feel so fortunate to have discovered the healing power of trees in my life, and even talking about it was energising for me.

This all is of course happening at a time where the harm humans are doing to one another around the world creates for a context of anxiety, fear and reactivity. I recently read an article talking about BANI – that the world is Brittle, Incomprehensible, Non-Linear and Incomprehensible. This concept from anthropologist Jamais Cascio. And as long as I orient towards human culture, and all our thrashig around, this makes a lot of sense to me. However whenever I orient to nature, being a human feels very different, and I find my self wanting to change the words in the acronym. The world is also Beautiful, Awe-inspiring, Natural and Interconnected.

How can both things be true? But they are, and spending time with the Trees is something I have been doing more and more of as a way of regulating, re-sourcing, and feeling guided in my life. Life gets faster and faster, the gap between a desire and our expectation for its gratification smaller and smaller, and yet the trees offer us a different timeline, and a field of being, with a built- in opportunity to slow down and connect with ourselves. Its my belief they are actively trying to help us humans live more sanely, more peaceably. If you'd like to explore this for yourself, then I hope you will check out the book as a way into a journey that could be life-changing. Its available from Amazon in many countries worldwide.

Left: A recent Soul Shed Creativity walk at Alice Holt forest.

The walking with Trees project began in 2019 with a Facebook group walking a Celtic Tree calendar and that soon led to my discovering a Tree Calendar rooted in the Enneagram wisdom teachings that underpin The Soul

Shed ethos, and to writing 'Take it to the Trees' in 2021. The Deep-Mapping process offering has evolved out of this valuing of developing a relationship with the trees in my own square mile, and supports you in joining the dots between your creative imagination, your intuitive knowing and your sense of being in place in the world. Many of you reading this post will have already been a part of these adventures, by engaging in our online deep-mapping community events and projects, or coming on a creative walk in the forest.Its my belief that the trees are beckoning us forward as both witnesses and guides when we let them.

I want to celebrate the unfolding of this project and the part that you have played in it. Im very keen that we share the possibilities of walking with trees further and further.

So, today, as well as the pod and the clip, Id also like to share a special offer that will introduce you to Deep-Mapping or deepen your deep-mapping practice. This offer will be available to book until the full frost moon on 27th November.

its for you if you

  • Would like to slow down and feel more connected to yourself

  • Love the beauty of the seasonal changes this time of year

  • Intuitively know there is something in all this for you

  • Have something it's time to honour and then let go of.

A Seasonal SoulCollage® and Deep-Mapping offering: Exploring your own autumnal shifts, one to one at

The Soul Shed.

To learn more about any of this.... please do be in touch. I very much look forward to creating with you soon.

Big Love


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