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This week the trees are doing such an astonishing attention grab

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

that a drive to work turns into a feeling of driving through forests of flames! The antics of Beech and Birch, Oak and Sycamore (Maple if youre in North America) all seem to synchronise this firey display as their years leaf work comes down in this blaze of Glory. This timing makes me feel very happy! After a ton of work, my book, 'Take it to the trees' has been published on Kindle and you can buy it on Amazon. If you are someone who believes that trees have wisdom to share, and that we might better come to know by spending more time with them, then this might be for you! It also has its own closed Facebook group for people to share their journeying with the trees near them. At the moment 'Take it to the Trees' is available instantly on Kindle, and soon a paperback will be available too. Please like this page for all updates. You can find it at

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