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Take it to the Trees adventures for 2023

Looking for Lichen on Shortheath common. I hope you also enjoyed this little celebration of upcoming Chinese New Year of the Rabbit!

This Blog-post is also a community update about the Deep-Mapping and Take it to the Trees parts of the Soul Shed Project. I hope you will find something to inspire you in here and that our paths will converge again soon, in ways that will nourish and re-source your creativity and life force.

How is your wintering going this time around? For the first time in my fifty years on our planet, I consciously took January off as a quiet time to go inwards. This was made possible by an unexpectedly busy December, where I earnt enough to fund this possibility. I am feeling incredibly grateful every day for this gentle time of exploration!

What I’ve been able to do this month with this period of reflecting is to really take stock and think carefully about what I'd like to offer this coming year. I’d like the Soul Shed to be responsive to life as it unfolds and to be in gentle ongoing correspondence with you, its valued community.

You may already know that we’ve had three brilliant years of a Facebook group deep-mapping in our treescapes of inhabitation. From this group a book - 'Take it to the Trees' and a beautiful community has grown and we’ve held bi-monthly bring and share themed Zoom meetings. These have been rich and nourishing events, made possible by a strong collaborative spirit. In the last of these, we talked deeply about the mycorrhizal fungal network underpinning the life of forests, and about the interconnectedness of life.

For me, this theme of has stuck.

There’s a writer who I’ve been re-reading with a lot of deep resonance recently, and his name is Tim Ingold. I first came across him while doing postgraduate study in theatre in landscape back in the early 2000’s. His most recent book is called ‘Correspondences’. In it he writes

There's a thinking that joins things up, and a thinking that joins with things.


..correspondence is about the ways along which lives, in their perpetual unfolding or becoming,

simultaneously join and differentiate themselves, one from another’.

Tim distinguishes correspondence from ‘interaction’ which he calls a between relationship where people face each other with their identities and objectives already in place, and transact in ways that serve, but do nothing to transform, their seperate interests. Correspondence he says is defined by its ‘in-between-ness’.

So what has this got to do with The Soul Shed?

Correspondence, for Ingold, includes our relationships with the more-than- human world.

Its my belief that the soulful creative practices we come together to explore are much more like correspondences than interactions. In participating in walking with trees, and deep-mapping, and Soulcollage®, we are together changed by the process. With this opening to other ways of doing life, comes a softening of anything that is rigidly or too tightly held.

So - looking forward....

Take it to the Trees Project 2023: Adventures in interdependence.

Instead of offering a Facebook group to help us stay in correspondence in our deep-mapping, this year I’d like to offer us a looser and I hope more responsive way of staying in touch as we explore in our squre miles.. There will again be a Deep-mapping calendar for 2023, which Amanda and Tracey, two members of our community, helped to develop. With the trees still very much at the centre of its ethos, as guardians of the forest, the focus will be our correspondences with some of the other organisms that live in close symbiosis with the trees. Our ways in to this exploring as ever will be - our gut, heart and head kinds of knowing - all three. The lunar calendar will further shape these explorations.

So, for the Wolf moon, beginning today- January 21st, the theme is exploring Moss and Lichen. If you would like to connect into this exploration, please connect with the Facebook page ‘Take it to the Trees’ and also with the instagram page and stories @deepmappingjourneys. The threads I will be offering there will all be invitations to share your own reflections and deep-mapping experiences. I will also offer hashtags so that if you wish, you can add your personal imagery to shared explorations. Please alsosignpost your friends and share your exploring with your own communities - in this way, I hope the project and community will grow and correspond with the people its meant for.

One to One facilitation via Zoom

Would you really like to explore your life force as a three-centred being in location? Deep-Mapping is a gentle and powerful creative and therapeutic journey in its own right. If dialogue and gentle accountability serve you in growing into new habits and awareness, I’m also here to offer you support and as much structural trellis as you need to re-source your journey.

Sometimes working with an experienced facilitator can be really useful, and I've been up-skilling this past year, so that my offering is trauma-informed, and includes gentle breathwork practice, and Enneagram wisdom which are both wonderful tools to help you re-source your creativity . In exploring your contact with the more-than-human world, in your own square mile of inhabitaion, it is possible to go deep into your experience of your own energy and life force as a human. This all happens by exploring in the present, so its very different from a talking therapy focused on the past.

If you would like to book a one to one session in Deep-mapping in your own square mile of location, please do get in touch directly to schedule a session. Heres a clip to learn more about working together One to One

Use Wolfmoon10 discount code which is available for subscrivers to The Soul Shed for bookings made in this lunar cycle, , which continues until February 20th

Deep-Mapping Free Community Event

Ive also been reading a second fantastic book: ‘Gathering Moss’ by Robin Wall Kimmerer. I highly recommend it. It is a book packed with botanical knowledge, heart, and celebration of life. i recommend it highly.

If this ethos of correspondence and exploration of moss and lichen in your square mile is sounding up your street,t, you might also like to come along to a Free community Deep-Mapping event on Sunday 5th February which will be at the time of the Full Wolf moon.

This will be a live interactive session on Zoom, with some space to share and some journalling prompts. bring your photos along and your reflections on the book if you read it.!

I will also talk more about Deep-mapping as a soulful creative practice, and we will look ahead to the rest of the year too.

Spaces are likely to fill quickly for this event, and numbers will be limited , so please do book your place in good time, and also please let me know in good time if you find you cant come, so others don’t miss out.

I'll be back soon with more Soul Shed unfoldings. In the meantime, I wish you beautiful soul-fueled Wintering. Ill just leave you with one last little clip of some lichen near where I live - this untethered kind doent even need a tree to live on - its also known as a 'vagrant', or an 'erratic'. I cant wait to share more with you about this incredible lifeform!

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