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Six unfoldings in a SoulCollage® journey….

Updated: May 23

SoulCollage® is an experience in finding your imagery and getting into a rich correspondence with it. I love sharing this process with others, and the things that happen in these sessions between us. Its a journey I'd love to invite you on, and I am often left searching for words to describe it. Here is my latest attempt.....I asked myself the following question:

"But why do this?"

Fortunately, my brain complied. Here are my answers. I would also love to hear yours! Please add in the comments.

1. It’s fun.That’s a really important reason. Allowing your intuition to lead you to imagery is a little bit magical! And then, when you imagine what your imagery has to say to you, and it says all kinds of surprising things, well- that is joyous!

2. It’s deeply regulating. The activity itself is a way of getting your

left and right brain working together. a way too of connecting with your inner world. Learning what you need, and creating from there, leads to the state change that comes with actual self-care, way deeper than a bubble bath or a spa day! For people with busy demanding lives, this kind of attention to our self-regulation is so important.

3. It’s mindful. In making your collage with the images that draw you to them, and in choosing what lives on your collage and what doesn’t, you undertake a brilliant exercise in working out what is important and what you want to put your attention on. and you dont need to be 'artistic' just able to know what you like and how to cut and paste!

4. SoulCollage® shows you the fruitfulness of your creative imagination. Imagining into other worlds brings out so many different things in you, the creator: your empathy, your understanding, your storytelling, curiosity, capacity for connection…and there will be more - please add your own in the comments!

5. It’s re-sourcing. When I need the presence of these different parts of me I put them around me in my home. Or I get out my journal and see what they have to say to me. they become reminders to hold all the complexity of life in my heart, and to trust in deeper patterns.

6. It speaks to our interconnectedness . If all these collages are aspects of selfing, of you and your humanness, then clearly, we are held in a web of connectedness that’s readily available. And the community that connects us in these sessions is very special. My sense is we become more self-accepting, tolerant and kinder people in the world. And that cannot be a bad thing hey?

I look forward to creating with you soon

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