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Moss is Boss:Trees and Water series part two...

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

It’s week two of a Sturgeon Moon Deep-Mapping opportunity to explore trees and water. It would feel wrong to not make Moss an Important part of this month of exploring! Moss is designed in every aspect to be able to take in water, and the relationship between Moss and trees, whether living or decaying, is fascinating to get up closer to.

Heres a little clip to inspire you.....

Some of us have already been part of a pop-up thread on Moss earlier in the year, so, in a way, this refrain is a little reminder of how interconnected everything is when you get involved…

This week, if you are so moved, please take the opportunity to find some trees with Moss living on them, in your own square mile. And notice how they are handling, either the wet or the dry spell in your square mile.

Some moss can wait 30 years for the rains to come!

Please feel free to share anything you would like to around this theme on this week…

Heres where you can do it:

  1. By commenting on this blog

  2. By sharing on Instagam #deepmappingjourneys

  3. By posting in our Facebook group: Seeding your Creativity at the Soul Shed. This group is there for anyone who has come to a Soul Shed event, including a free one.

  4. Explore having a One to One Deep-Mapping session here

This deep-mapping is inner-soul-work of a curious kind.we are repairing an instinctual part of self that knows intuitively that we feel so much better when we connect with nature.

Heres Sharon Blackie....

If this speaks to you too, then I hope you will get involved with the your creativity at The Soul Shed, and look out for forthcoming events. You might enjoy this other blog post too....

See you next week for the Sturgeon Full Moon and more on Trees and Water

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