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May-be the force was with us?

There’s so much to catch up about! May was such a full month here at The Soul Shed. And this full Strawberry-moon weekend feels like just the right time to do it.

As part of my Deep-Mapping research, today I have been spending time with my wonderful bee-keeping friend, Corinne, to learn more about how bees do life and about her experience of being a Human living close up to Bees. I'm intending that with a little technical support this rich conversation will end up on our YouTube channel which I'm gradually filling with content from corresponding with our wonderfully creative community. For now....a little sneak preview of the bees themselves!

Work continues on the Website! You might have noticed already, and its far from over. Do check out the current seasonal featured content and the testimonials on the About page to give you a flavour of what creating at The Soul Shed is like! Coming soon – a new Community content page, and a page all about Seeding your Creativity, which is core to The Soul Shed Ethos and underpins this understanding of the intuitive guidence we can access through corresponding with life through our whole fully embodied selves.

If you're curious about this- please do consider signing up for our next online free taster of Deep-Mapping, on Sunday 25th June - the focus this time will be on Walking with the Trees in your square mile, and I will share content from my book - Take it to the Trees (available on Amazon in many countries.

It was very special to meet new creative friends over the course of May. Along with Heather, Ben and Lynn, The Soul Shed shared two guided walks as a part of Alton’s Walking Festival. This annual event in Hampshire, England had well over 100 walks over the course of May this year, and if you would like to visit Alton next year, and discover our wonderful walking possibilities, May would be a brilliant time. (I’m serious! - We also have the Historic Watercress train line, Gilbert Whites House and Jane Austins house in Chawton – come and visit!)

Here are two little film clips from our walks. Its my hope to offer more of these in future so do watch this space!

I look forward to creating with you soon.

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