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How can The Soul Shed help you?

The Soul Shed is here as a kind of big cocooning resource to offer you good tested creative practices and frames to connect with your own capacity for healing and self-care. So sharing about how The Soul Shed might help you when youre feeling tested, or upset, or defeated or reactive or aggrieved or exhausted or…<add the word for a painful emotional space you know well> is what I'm here to share about today, not long after a particularly challenging period of my own, where I have definitely needed to walk my talk.

Finding this space of your own self-care is a beautiful habit to open into. (Compare this to a crisis management strategy to turn to when youre already on your knees, like a workaholic booking a emergency spa day to stave off burn out) . Growing this self-care habit, is likely to challenge a fair few conditioned beliefs you might have about how you should be spending your time, and uncovering those beliefs will likely be part of your journey. Building practices into your life -the ones that you know are for you because you feel a spark of joy when you think of them - could be be a journey you need a little bit of support with.

That’s what The Soul Shed is here for. That’s what I’m here for!

In saying this, I'm not posturing as a fantasy person who has a perfect life or thinks of themselves as your teacher. I’m a human who has honed a creative-inner and outer-journeying practice in the messy and painful parts of life, and has discovered that there are others that these tools can serve, to help bring us back into places of equilibrium, connectedness, and joy. These practices are both sacred and fun!!

So what can The Soul Shed offer you when youre in need of a boost?

1. Dedicated space to recover the pieces of you that you had forgotten about. We find these via intuition and exploring the imagery that really speaks to you. This might be via deep-mapping and finding what you need in your square mile of location, or it might be in a SoulCollage® session.

2. A somatic approach to intuitive creativity. Do you have an image that speaks to you right now? That you feel heart connection with? Look around your space or in a book or on the photos on your phone. (Im sharing my SoulCollage® card for self-compassion). Allow your gaze to settle on it, and then come into contact with your breathing. Stay with both of those things at the same time for a couple of minutes or as long as your attention will allow you. What arises in you? A thought? A feeling? A sensation? A memory? Some words? Make a note of them.

Ask the image to introduce itself to you. “ I am one who…..”

Here’s mine speaking to me: “I am one who reminds you of how kind you need to be to yourself, especially when the outer world is being thoughtless or self-interested, or unkind. I want you to feel secure, safe, happy and loved and I’m willing to do whats necessary to make that true for you”.

From there I can ask it exactly what advice it has for me today. In my case today, after a demanding week, I went for a walk at my local pond and spent time watching baby coots!

If you’d like to learn SoulCollage® with me, you can invest in yourself via a one to one session, including a pack of images and blank cards sent to your home address. Use discount code onetoone20% for a discount on booked sessions available until mid May.

2. A book encouraging you to get truly, intimately acquainted with the trees living near you :Take it to the Trees. You may have already realised that you feel differently after time spent walking in nature. And recognise that the presence of the trees living near us have a profound bearing on our well-being on multiple levels, beginning with supplying the very air we breathe through their capacity to turn our waste gas of carbon dioxide into oxygen.

The trees have may different ways they connect with us humans:

One is through being beautiful to us, so that we represnet them in poetry and art and story. Another is by having much in common with us (standing upright, having limbs that reach outwards, and expressing their character via their posture, the ways they live and grow, and their energetic presence). Getting to know some of the trees around you is like becoming connected to a whole new supportive neighbourhood!

I wonder if you already have a favourite tree? It would be wonderful to hear about what it means to you in the comments?

Here are links to the book in The UK and the USA. Its also available in many other countries worldwide on Amazon. Each chapter offers possibilities to connect with a tree via your head, heart and body knowings – and a guided walking possibility too. This is another area I could work with you one to one too - just book an exploratory call to see how.

And then of course beyond their own presence, the trees are a habitat for many other life forms, each one offering us opportunities to imagine life beyond our strange human iteration of it! You might like to follow our calendar and pay attention to some of these this year. we have already walked with Moss and Lichen and spent time with the bird in our trees. Next we will be spending time with blossom and the pollenators. I offer events and opportunities for deepening this too. Follow @deepmappingjourneys on Instagram for this too! And please consider yourself invited to become a subscriber at The Soul Shed to keep in touch with these if you aren’t already.

3. Deep-Mapping. Another practice that truly honours your deep connection to your location as your places of belonging. I write this in the plural because you are likely to have several. The place you currently live is of great importance, and there are likely other places you have lived or visited that you feel connected to on a soul level. Deep-Mapping your square mile(s) of belonging is another way to re-source yourself.

If you are feeling fragile or fried or frenzied….I invite you to go for a short slow walk in your own square mile of location with your phone along with you. Each time you feel the pull of something you see, an inward pull that comes from staying with how you are feeling inside, pause and photograph what you see, with curiosity awakened. These photographs will be the deep map you have made of your walk. They will be personal and meaningful to you. Ive shared an example of a recent walk i took above. They will also have many things to reveal to you if you let them or inspire your creativity in exciting ways. If you’d like a companion for this deeper inner and outer exploration, then you can come along to a deep-mapping opportunity at the soul shed or book yourself on a one to one session

I have been working with these practices and developing my offering with them since 2014. and I have thirty years of experience working with creative groups. My trainings have included SoulCollage® Facilitation, a year at IATE institute of Arts therapy and education, and a MA in Community drama. More recently I have been training in Breathwork with The Quantum Questions, counselling, and Trauma Informed use of the Enneagram, a wonderful tool for deeper inner enquiry. I’m currently training to be a Trauma Informed Enneagram coach with Takdir Transformation. All this to say, you will be in safe and experienced hands with a friendly, curious facilitator.

To book a free exploratory call about working together, please link here!

Id love to hear how trying any of these things has helped you to shift your inner state, even a little. Do feel free to be in touch, or to leave thoughts in the comments here.

Finally, for next time you need to feel soothed, Id love to leave you with a breathwork opportunity to try with a tree near you!

I look forward to creating with you soon.

Big Love


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