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Flowers by the roadside-an outer and inner journey

Wherever there is wildlife, it is offering itself to you.

To your curious mind

To your open heart,

To your felt, sensing body.

The more present you are to yourself, the more real interconnectedness feels. Not an idea or an abstraction at all. Something felt within you and around you. Being in nature helps us to circle and gradually come home to that place in ourselves…

As we settle into the rhythm of a walk in nature or even around nature - it could simply be the plants on the roadside -  the nervous system starts to settle, the heart starts to open. New ideas and possibilities start to arise.

The lexicon of wildflowers in your own square mile will of course be different. You can encourage this settling into yourself, this inner re-sourcing and stress relief, to start to happen, by simply paying attention to what you can see, by getting to know the wildlife around you. Which plants are growing where? Their colours, shapes and forms.

These images are from a deep-mapping project I have been doing in my own square mile here in Alton. I was inspired by the quote from Robert MacFarlane that I have shared here, to learn the names of the wildflowers living around me.

I also love the way that colours map onto the chakra system, and their frequencies can connect with different parts of our nature, so finding a full colour spectrum of flowers is a healing journey in itself.

Which flower are you drawn to today? It may be telling in what you need more of in your life?

Red for grounding, orange for relating, yellow for personal power, green for heart space, blue for authentic communication, indigo for intuitive knowing, violet for spiritual connection… if this feels like it is for you today, why not journal with one of these images for a while and reflect on the colour theme, and any other meanings the flower has for you?

And theres more!

Deep-mapping is forming part of both of this weeks Soul Shed offerings.

Tomorrow at Sunday Openings, we will be exploring the theme of finding equanimity and holy origin in nature, spiritual ideas that belong to point 4 on the enneagram symbol. These themes connect to our heart centre. Come and explore your own tomorrow on Zoom at 5pm BST

And, On Monday, at Alton's Assembly rooms, at 2pm, we begin a series offour Intutive creativity sessions over July and August. Exploring your chakras as places of inspiration and creativity will be part of this offering too! You can book these sessions seperately or together.

I look forward to creating with you soon.

Sending big flowery love your way,



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