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Did you see the Full Buck Moon?!

Here is a view of it from here in Hampshire, England, in all its splendour from behind the little twisted golden willow tree in my garden.

And this is your cheeky little full-moon update of what is going on at The Soul Shed. Featuring a very exciting PODCAST adventure amongst other things!!

If you have been following The Soul Shed lunar calendar, this month you may already be on a deep-mapping journey with the woodland animals in your square mile… This end for me it has been a deep-dive with The Stag in myth, imagery and story and on Friday im hoping to see some in the real! Id love to show you this speedily captured picture too, taken by Jan Yardley when a deer arrived outside the gate of her house on the day of the new Buck moon! Kind of auspicious right?! (You can see more of Jans beautiful forest photography here )

On Saturday you’re invited to join us on a Deep-Mapping and SoulCollage journey exploring all the woodland animals in your own square mile…it would be wonderful to create with you out of this midsummer energy. Please book before the end of Friday to receive the complementary download of imagery to collage with.

Each month as part of the ‘Take it to the trees’ strand of this work, I offer a pop-up thread to all of those who have already taken part in a soul shed event. And each month it is about another of the organisms in interconnected relationship with the trees around us.

Next new moon our theme will be Trees and Water. If you would like to learn more about this please do drop me a message at

But there’s more! Today a podcast is happening, and I hope you will enjoy it. This year Ive been studying trauma-informed enneagram coaching with the brilliant Ingrid at Takdir Transformation, and some of you came to our recent shared online event where we deep-mapped with the instincts. This is an approach to working creatively with your whole embodied self including your central nervous system to soothe, heal and unfold on an inner level.

Ive been a student of the enneagram for a decade now, and the wisdom of these teachings underpins everything I offer at the Soul Shed. It will soon become a development of my one to one offering and it is always a part of my group offerings.

If you would be interested to get more of an idea about how the enneagram influences this project, then I hope you will enjoy this conversation between me and Kristin Messegee. Kristin offers a weekly podcast for Enneagram sixes (that’s the point on the symbol where I do my core inner work) but the podcast is of a consistent quality that I would say transcends personality type, and it is very true to say that there is a little of all the points on the symbol in all of us - and so I hope there will be things in this that speak to you.

So – if you follow this link it will take you there. It goes live today at 1pm UK time! I would absolutely love to know your thoughts!

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