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Dear Human of the Forest

I’m writing to you this way, because you are part of this community, and are among the  creators,  healers, unseen sustainers and  sacred celebrants I know. I believe we have important things to do in these crazy swirling times, and need to be in really good inner shape to do them.

I want to invite you to join me on a journey deep into the heart of the forest, to open into your intuitive knowing. This kind of knowing is grounding, heartening, and orienting, The series of seven crafted gatherings 'Open into your Intuitive Knowing' will begin with the full milk moon at the end of this month.

I am also now offering this as a solo track offering at a time to suit you, so if that appeals please message me.

I already believe that this offering might be for you because you found your way to this place that celebrates your capacities for curiosity, open-heartedness and instinctual-knowing.

See whether you also believe this is true for you.

Please allow your mind to cast gently  back to a time of crisis that you came through, and the time of aftermath that followed.

Now consider these following two questions in the light of this time.

Crisis: Everything you saw coming  has suddenly come to a head. Your normal life is upside-down. What do you do?

Aftermath: The worst has passed. You made it through and the crisis is passing. What do you do with your first free weekend in a month?

Allow your answers to these questions to arise from how you remember you were over that time, – ponder or journal for a few minutes, and make a note of them.


Were your answers anything like the ones below?


Oak: I implement my plan to get out of the crisis and organise my people.

Willow: I quietly support and uphold those around me through the crisis.

Apple: I continue to do my work, finding  new ways to use  my skills that help the crisis.

Holly: I dig much deeper into my practices, and carry on as usual as much as I can.



Oak: I celebrate with my loved ones.

Willow: I rest and recover,  turning inward and reflecting on what happened.

Apple: I make a point of thanking those that played their part in keeping things together.

Holly: I find activities and spaces that will help to restore my body and soul

Ifyou saw yourself in those answers, please read on.  This offering series came into the world  with you in mind.


Your answers were mirrored or partially mirrored by the Oak answers.

You trust your gut, your life force, and you know you can get things done. Others look to you for direction and inspiration and you offer it.

You can keep going until the job is done, but its important you build restorative practices into your life so you can keep this up. And you have come to see the value in sometimes slowing down, and really allowing your body to relax into activities you simply do for pleasure.

The Oak tree is a natural ally for women who are naturally mirrored in the Creator archetype, or would like to draw on this energy.


Your answers were mirrored or partially mirrored by the Willow answers.

You trust your deep sensitivity to others, and your capacity to connect. You’re able to be  with people in their subtle inner places, and pick up and respond to cues people don’t even know they are giving you.

You can become depleted, especially after others have drawn on your capacity to help them transform their energy. You have realised the need to consider your boundaries and your own needs, so that they are included. Safe sharing spaces where you do can be less than perfect, are very healthy for you.

The Willow tree is a natural ally for women who are naturally mirrored in the Healer archetype, or would like to draw on this energy.


Unseen sustainer

Your answers were mirrored or partially mirrored by the  Apple answers.

Others know you as a great support. You are known by your fruits. You are neither  showy nor attention seeking.  You have a capacity to remain calm and stoic and consistent, whatever is going on internally. You rarely show it however, meaning that your internal needs are not always met other than by those who know you very well over time. You recognise that sometimes this means you have to take the initiative, and build self-care into your life.

The Apple tree is a natural ally for women who are naturally mirrored in the Unseen Sustainer archetype, or would like to draw on this energy.


Sacred Celebrant.

Your answers were mirrored or partially mirrored by the Holly answers

You are well-equipped to turn to your spiritual re-sources in a crisis, but when crisis comes and life turns upside down, the pleasure you take in the wilder parts of you can become neglected in the day to day.  You know deeply that everything is inter-connected, and you seek out opportunities to express that through creativity, ritual and spiritual practices. This is what  fills you with deepest joy.  Although you have learnt self-containment, you have come to  recognise that building a community of those who share your world-view is also a powerful re-source.

The Holly tree is a natural ally and guide for women who are naturally mirrored in the Sacred Celebrant archetype, or would like to draw on this energy.


There are many ways humans respond to crisis. But if you saw your own style reflected here, than you are in a place that has rich re-sources to offer you as you play your part in the unfolding human story.

The forest is such a powerful place to learn about ourselves.

In our gatherings we will go deep into forest stories. Archetypal characters like Little Red, the Wolf and the woodcutter, have important things to show us.

Our intutive creativity will re-sourced and supported by gently powerful practices. You will learn breathwork, SoulCollage®, deep-mapping, and we will dive into Enneagram wisdom teachings to gain deeper insights into how these characters offer you mirrors and maps.

If you are getting an inner yes to all this, then here are the full course details .

And here's a button for if you'd like to chat about it in a call, including discussing the solo track option.

(Im offering a subsidised bursary place for this offering too. so if you are in financial hardship we can look at possibilities).

I look forward to creating with you soon.

Big Foresty-sized Love



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