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Autumns gifts of Falling; Moving from striving to surrendering...

Recently at The Soul Shed we had the first of two online Soul collage ® gatherings with the theme of surrender. You might remember from my last blog post that I approached this theme with some trepidation and a lot of respect. Well Im so glad I embarked on this journey with you in our creative community, and I absolutely loved the time we spent together exploring this. In fact the second offering has been born of the richness of the first one.

SoulCollagers will know that in this gentle intuitive creative journeying, we allow imagery to find us, trusting that it has deeper wisdom for us. And we also know that these cards speak directly to us when we enter a conversation with them. That is their intimacy and their deepest witness. If you are new to this idea of allowing imagery to touch into your inner guidence, then I would love to invite you into this process of deep self-discovery and re-sourcing.

Here I will be talking about the cards at one remove. This is no substitute for the real time personal wisdom they share, and I would LOVE to offer you space for discovering and making and connecting with your own cards, if this is calling to you….

The cards that came forward for me had powerful messages, and we discovered different kinds of surrender. The human experience seems to have this possibility as an archetypal orientation running through it. I know you will know about some of them.

Surrender into Imperfection

Surrender into Change

Surrender into Love

Surrender into Rest

Surrender into Loss and Grief

Surrender into the Earth

Surrender into Growth

Surrender into Life purpose

Surrender into a Difficulty

Surrender into Life

Surrender into the Unknown

Surrender into Brokenness

Surrender into new life revealing itself....

these are all examples of human places of transition and loss as well as new things to be found... part of our tender human stories.

A key discovery for me in working with this theme for the past months is realising that i can surrender 'TO' something, or I can surrender 'INTO' something. The first feels like a kind of giving up, a capitulation, a being beaten by.....while the second feels full of relief, acceptence, new possibility....Maybe it is possible to allow this thing, or person, or situation, to be my teacher, companion, witness.

Its this kind of Auutumnal dance that we will spend time with. There will be spaciousness to explore and see if there are aspects of you that you would like to bring into the fold in new ways....

I would like to speak about three that I know about here.

Surrender to Imperfection.

I made a card with a story book image I had of the princess and the pea which I had had for ages. I knew I wanted to use it in a card but it was just sort of waiting in the wings, and in our creative journeying I realised she was part of a surrender card. The princess is living in a palace and irritated by a pea under her mattress which she cannot find. She keeps asking for more mattresses to avoid feeling the discomfort of the pea which by now she is completely fixated on…

What a brilliant image. I realise I create situational-mattresses to protect or distract or distance me from other situations, and before you know it there is a there is a kind of an encastled kind of thing happening - a protection from life. A princessy orientation stuck inside a palace obsessed with a pea. The pea is the thing that is not the way she wants it to be, which of course changes shape, over and over and over again, until she leaves the palace, or accepts the pea, or both!

In my card the princess, complete with pea, mattresses, and bed, is kind of teleported into the sea! And now she is at a strange angle and everything looks different. And - guess what - now she is not really thinking about that pea - she has got much more to concern her, now she’s in the sea! The pea may have fallen out of the bed, or is bobbing in the sea, or eaten by a fish, but the pea is simply not her problem any more.

Now she is really experiencing maybe the thing that the mattresses were protecting her from. Life outside the palace of her own making.

Surrender to a Difficult situation

This one is much more complicated. A difficulty might be a long-standing situation or constellation of people or set of inner beliefs that I seem stuck with.

Recently we journeyed with the archetype of the Waterbearer and there was such a strong sense of emotional capacity that came through in the cards that were made, and I recognized how much that women have endured over history believing that it was how things had to be.

Another card that came for me around this was this one which I am calling ‘Staying with the Trouble’ or ‘Carry on Regardless.’

So, are the women choosing to ignore the problem because they are unconscious, or feel powerless, or are they choosing to live with it because they are bigger, braver, stronger than it is? Or is it a complex combination of both? Living with a difficult situation can also shape-shift, depending on how strong, resourced, supported I am experiencing myself to be. Life can be messy with many layers of learning embedded in it.

Surrender to new life revealing itself

The last card I want to share with you is one that arrived since the journey – as though it was waiting in the wings to reveal the next step of this journey.

This card has a built inopening in it. It is the most pure card that has ever arrived for me about openings. I can tell you that walking with this theme of surrender brings openings, and with them new life force energy.

“ I am one who is unafraid of my vulnerability and broken imperfect bits. I am one who swims through the seas of emotion with ease. I am one who has worlds within me. “

This is the theme of the next SoulCollage ® journey I am offering on October 28th

The sweet Surrender of Autumn – A SoulCollage ® jouney of glimmers, apertures and openings.

Come and join us?

I look forward to creating with you soon.

Big Love


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