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A Full Moon and A Special Day!

It feels so wonderful to have international women’s Day the morning after a full moon🌝 and this year I have been more connected to the Earth than I ever have been in my fifty years on the planet!

Every patch of Earth will tell you a story if you ask it, and the patches of Earth near where you live , in your own square mile of inhabitation, are such a resource for you, and I believe one that we rarely open ourselves to.

I took the picture below last night under the Ceonothus tree in my little garden under the full moon -im so glad that these late planted daffodil bulbs are boldly coming through! This morning the tree was sheltering the bulbs from the snow that had fallen everywhere else, and of course our trees shelter and nurture our local life in so many ways. And ofcourse, they are met solidly by the Earth, and take root there. We take all this meeting of life and earth for granted, its part of the underpinnings of our world, but what we might not be recognising it that in front of our eyes, this place that a tree lives is a powerful site of interactions and energies and correspondences.

If you do this little piece of journeying today or over the coming days you will discover a rich opportunity to find photograph, journal and enquire....

You may like to return to thee questions:

Which tree did you choose and what is your connection to it? Does it live in your get knowing? The feelings in your heart? In imaginitive sparks? What colour and texture is the Earth near you? What orher organisms are there, doing life in their own ways? What can you see there? What stories do these living things speak of ? What meanings do you make about what you find?

As you begin to do this you are also resourcing your own human-ness in these correspondences. You may find that there is an organism that really speaks to your condition. For me recently this has been Moss. It’s almost as though the presence of Moss has offered me a buffer, And an increased capacity to remain open in my life. Spending time with moss and learning about its affinity for water has been a great teaching in how I can live better with the energies unfolding around me in my life. Moss is patient, and makes the most of every drop of water that comes its way. Moss knows its limitations, and lives within its capacity, and yet it also offers sanctuary to other life whenever it can, whenever it has surplus of water. Moss can be a place where other life can flourish.

But there are so many signs of life in the understory of the trees, and maybe it is another one that speaks to you and through you today?

Some Ivy? A new shoot? A beetle? Some old leaves?

Where do you meet the understory?

This month as part of the Take it to the Trees project I have been offering space to share the understory of the trees in our own square miles. It will always expand your sense of what it is to be you, humaning. Check out instagram @deepmappingjourneys and the Take it To the Trees page on Facebook. And if you would like to, sign up for the free event below on Saturday 25th March. I'd love to join with you and learn what you found outside beneath the nearest tree and come to know what you discovered in connecting with it. There will also be an opportinity to learn more about Deep-mapping one to one sessions at The Soul Shed, which can be a wonderful way to explore your own creativity and experience of life force.

See you there?

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