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Winter - Deep-Mapping within and Without



In 'If Women rose Rooted' Sharon Blackie incites us  to journey to a place of 'understanding how deeply enmeshed we are in the web of life on this planet'. She believes that this is a journey

          ' that leads us firmly back to our own sense of belonging to the earth, but after 

           that it is a journey which requires us to step into our own power and take

           back our ancient, native role as its guardians and protectors'.

 Elsewhere, in 'The Eye of the Heart'  Cynthia Bourgeault teaches about imaginal space as akin to a kind of 'intertidal zone' of re-sourcing and transformation, and of the imaginal realm


          'corresponding to a subtle level of consciousness, moving away from a narrative or

           egoic seat into the 'beginnings of authentic witnessing selfhood'.

The Soul Shed is inspired by the vision of both of these women, and their guidance towards finding capacities within usto know ourselves more deeply in our humanity and in our lives.  Our  offering here  is  to share with you compassionately held  space,  and creative re-sources and practices, to support you in finding into your own intuitive creativity as a wisdom source.


Our practices are about  orienting to deeper ways of knowing and experiencing ourselves in our lives, that we might become humans with capacity to take part in solving the problems facing our planet, by beginning by knowing ourselves deeply in location - not seperate from our square mile of intimate location, but from within it.


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As we witness the turn of the seasonal wheel and come  into Winter, in the 'Take it to the Trees' book Community, we are entering into a month exploring Fungus , Mycellium and Roots. The underground relationship between

Trees and their roots is an inspiring metaphor to feel into our own capacity to pull down and inward over Winter, and to take stock of all that has come to pass this year.



Take it To the Trees is now available Free on Kindle Unlimited, as well as making a lovely seasonal gift to yourself or to a tree loving friend. If you enjoy it, then as an active subscriber here you are warmly welcome to join us in our closed Facebook group. This group is for those of us who enjoyed the book, and are   journeying with the trees and wildlife in our square mile of location  as inspiration, and would like to share in that journey with others. It is also open to anyone who has attended a paid Soul Shed event online or in person and is curious about this part of The Soul Shed project.


Here  community member Heather shares her beautiful and hopeful poem about the witness of Trees and highlights something of our human absurdity in relationship to them.


Your access to imaginal space is a potent way to re-source yourself  this season. On Saturday December 3rd there will be an online SoulCollage® and Deep-Mapping event - inviting you into a space of Creative Seasonal self care. It would be wonderful to welcome you along. Booking your place by the 27th of November  will include a complementary pack of images and blank collaging cards sent to any UK address and a free online pack of images worldwide. After this the booking will include a download of images sent by email.






 Id like to leave you with my forest clearing SoulCollage© card: when I work with it, it always reminds me of my capacity to open to creative space and community in my life. For me that's the good stuff!


I look forward to creating with you soon.


Samantha Taroni

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