August- Trees and Poetry-Willow


SoulCollage® Card: Willow


In this time of high-summer the contrast between light and shadow is strong. Take time to notice the different qualities of shade that different trees offer. Spending time  sitting beneath the canopy of the tree that feels most  like home  offers gentle opportunities to reflect on both the light and the shade  in your own life.

Make a SoulCollage card inspired by these reflections.


Learn about the different kinds of Willow in your square mile. Read the chapter on Willow in 'Take it to the Trees' and try the guided visualisation and journalling prompts.


Link to a  blog post about Willow here





Read 'The Willow Tree' by William Makepeace Thackeray. Read it to a friend or to a  Willow tree near you.  Consider the question: 'Know thee the Willow tree?' - what do you know about Willow? What Impressions has it made on you?


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